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About Us

solar films with installation

Singapore's leading window films specialist

Established in 2012, LUXECOOL Window Films provides wholesale and distribution of window film products to various retailers, industrial, and commercial professional business users. Specialized in solar control films, LUXECOOL Window Films supplies a wide array ranging from the cutting-edge Spectrally Selective Technology, to the immensely popular Nano-Ceramic Technology, and the advanced innovative Infusion Full-UV Protect Technology.

As competition in the industry grew over the years, LUXECOOL Window Films expand into the end-user consumer market by launching various window film products in addition to the specialization mentioned above. With working partners of over 20 years of experience in the industry, LUXECOOL Window Films is capable of providing our residential and commercial clients with professional advices, meticulous workmanship, and outstanding customer service, while upkeeping our products with superior quality.

Our Reliable Team

Put your trust in our exceptional team of solar film consultants and installation experts who are dedicated to bringing efficiency, expertise, and excellence to every project. With a proven track record of delivering seamless installations and tailored solutions, our professionals guide you through the process, from initial consultation to final installation. Experience peace of mind knowing that your solar film project is in the hands of a reliable team committed to maximizing your energy savings and enhancing your home's comfort.


On-Site Consultation

Our consultant will first visit the site to understand the needs and take the necessary measurements.


Choose Type Of Film

Our consultant will introduce and explain the different range of window films that we carry, and recommend the best fit for your needs.


On-Site Installation

Our installation team will arrange a date at your convenience to carry out the window films installation work.

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