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Window Films

OUr Range OF Window Films


This series made possible the requirement for high heat rejection, while simultaneously allowing maximum natural light penetration.

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This series solar films are constructed to achieve maximum heat reduction while simultaneously rejecting FULL (100%) Ultra-violet (UV) rays.

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Superb Series

Cutting-edge technology to achieve combined capability of superb heat rejection and elegant appearance.

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Carbon Series

New generation advanced fusion technology resulting in outstanding performance and excellent durability.

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Reflective Series

Superior optical-clarity, and ultra-reflective hi-performing films that achieve both privacy, and decorative aesthetics.

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Supreme Series

Supreme Series solar films are created by the most advanced nano technology using ceramic compounds infused with sputtering techniques on the exterior layer.

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Elite Series

Elite Series solar films are the products of one of the most sustainable and modern technology. One of the highest performing products.

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Ceramic Series

Ceramic Series explores traditional nano-ceramic ITO technology with constant advancement by enhancing heat rejection performance to the optimum.

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Avant Series

Avant Series solar films cater to achieving the basic objectives of a home-owner’s solar control needs and requirements. Cost effective yet high performance.

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